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LuxTent’ company is №1 manufacturer of membrane structures in Republic of Belarus. You can buy canopy, shelters, tents and sunshades at the most attractive prices. Our company offers a wide range of products designed to satisfy every customer’s taste, even the most demanding one. We sell and rent canopies and tents all over the world. You can see our works in many countries, such, as Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Germany, France, Italy and others. The range of our services includes tent printing (branding), holiday decor creating, festive lighting, air conditioning, tent heating, stage or podium setting.

LuxTent structures

Tent structures are indispensable elements of outdoor events. Tents in Minsk are widely used at weddings and corporate events, trade fairs and exhibitions, concerts and parties. They reliably protect goods from adverse weather conditions. Awnings are used as a protective cover for outdoor cafes and shopping stalls, as well as at dachas by forward-looking gardeners. Tents are universal means of protection in every situation.

‘LuxTent’ company has its own production and takes control over the process of creating tent structures at all stages. We make sure our clients get only highest quality products. We want our products to serve long years without complaints and use materials of the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers from Germany and France. Excellent build qualities guarantee that our canopies, awnings, sunshades and tents stand out for their design, high wear resistance and long service life.

Why is it important to buy canopies, tents and awnings of companies having their own production? 
It is because of the high quality guarantee. Own production allows us to control the creation of tent structures at each stage, to notice and correct the defects in time. Unfortunately, most vendors do not pay attention to defects, hoping to sell canopies, or tents as quickly as possible. ‘LuxTent’ company aims to promote long-term relations with clients and cares about its own reputation, so it can’t afford to neglect the duties.

Reducing production cost.

Canopies and tents produced in our own shop are much cheaper than the ones offered by resellers. Purchasing products from the manufacturer you save from 5 to 30% of the price declared by the reseller.

High speed.

There is no necessity to wait till the required model tents and awnings go on sale. The desired tissue of various colours is always in stock and the employees can immediately start manufacturing tents or awnings. The time question is especially important for individual orders that require the application of the company's logo on the fabric.

Proper installation and dismantling of structures.

Unfortunately, companies with dubious reputation try to save as much as possible and hire non-professional workers to install tents, awnings and sunshades. They don’t do their work properly and it causes significant reduction of comfort and the risk to damage the property and the tent structures.

Individual orders.

Resellers usually have a far too smaller range of products. Addressing the manufacturer directly gives you an advantage to select the required model easily and to adjust some parameters if it is necessary. What is more important you can order the production of an awning or a tent-to-order.

A wide range of additional services.

Installation of an awning or a tent is half the battle. You can meet difficulties in Minsk how to make a tent beautiful inside and suitable for special occasions. Only masters of their craft can do the job. ‘LuxTent’ company accompanies the customer at all stages of tent structures installation. We do the carpeting, set stages and podiums, install heaters, lighting, air conditioning and rent furniture to create comfortable conditions for the participants and the guests of the activities.  

If you are still reading this article, it means that you have made the right choice. ‘LuxTent’ company produces the best tents, canopies, awnings and sunshades in Minsk and solves all problems accompanying products at celebrations. ‘LuxTent’ company – Tents To Trust.

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